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Watch the Races with Kattack Perfromance Appilcation uses common hand held GPS units

Regatta Service

We provide the service of recording your regatta with Kattack Performance App Software.

  • Regatta Participants - Watch the races on the big screen in the party tent. They might learn, they might laugh, but you know they will love your regatta.
  • Regatta Spectators - Posting results tells how it ended up. Photos and press releases tell a pretty story. The Kattack Performance App Software allows viewers to experience for themselves where the racing was won or lost. It makes the racing intuitive to newbies, and it's captivating to the most hardened professional tacticians.
  • Regatta Sponsors - Kattack Performance App Software raises the level of your regatta and brings additional attention to your event. Videos can be made available to any web viewer, and the Race Player allows people to see the whole experience. Multiple advertising opportunities exist for sponsors that can be incorporated into the race playbacks.

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