Mark Fortin, American Regatta, LLC. New York and New England Sales Representative presents Kattack Regatta Performance Application.


About American Regatta, LLC. & Mark Fortin’s Mission

American Regatta, LLC will be serving the sailing centers of East Coast of United States by working closely with junior and collegiate racing programs, yacht clubs, and regatta organizers interested to improve the quality of their programs.

Mark believes there are several typical users for our products and services. Coaches can use the data for school racing programs to identify speed and tactical opportunities. Yacht Clubs can add a new service to their membership and make the post race parties more interesting. Regatta Organizers can provide race playback to make the party tent more entertaining while also increasing exposure for sponsors via website race playback.

About Mark Fortin

Mark Fortin is a lifelong racer/cruiser, and has been active in Race Management. Mark is also president of the software development company Computer Management & Integrators, Inc. along with a Jenmar International, LLC. which offer an eBay listing service through

Contact Mark at or by phone at (860) 537-8684.


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