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Mark Fortin Joins Kattack as North East US Sales Rep

Minneapolis, MN, April 11, 2007 - To better serve the New York and New England area sailing centers Kattack has added Mark Fortin as a territorial sales representative. Mark will work closely with junior and collegiate racing programs, yacht clubs, and regatta organizers interested to improve the quality of their programs.

The Kattack Race Publisher software application allows common hand-held GPS data from multiple boats to be easily merged together for a visual replay of the race with key performance data. Kattack can provide on-site management for regattas, but the Race Publisher software allows anyone with a laptop and GPS data to create race playbacks. The Kattack Race Player application allows end users to view Kattack races via an on-line database.

"Kattack allows coaches to empirically improve their coaching programs, provides yacht clubs with an educational and entertaining racing tool for their members, and regatta organizers can bring their event to the next level and provide compelling media coverage for their sponsors" states Fortin. "It's incredible how everyone from new sailors to professional sailors all find some aspect of this product incredibly cool."

Mark believes there are several typical users for the product. Coaches can use the data for school racing programs to identify speed and tactical opportunities. Yacht Clubs can add a new service to their membership and make the post race parties more interesting. Regatta Organizers can provide race playback to make the party tent more entertaining while also increasing exposure for sponsors via website race playback.

Inquiries from NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, and VT can be directed directly to Mark at 860-639-6425, or by visiting

About Kattack

Kattack provides educational and compelling race playback that can be found nowhere else at an affordable cost. For anyone not at the race with a RIB, Kattack is quickly becoming the most compelling way to watch sailboat races. Founded by Tom Verburgt and Steve Palm, Kattack is beginning to offer it's services to yacht clubs, regatta organizers, and event sponsors.

The Kattack Race Player system functions by having each racing boat carrying a readily available 6oz hand held GPS receiver. Tracking data from each receiver is downloaded after the race and merged with all racer data using the Kattack Race Player. This data can be viewed after racing using the Kattack Race Player.

The Kattack Race Publisher is designed for sailing coaches, yacht club racing programs, and regatta organizers.

The Kattack Race Player is ideal for anyone who wants to replay their races or watch Kattack races worldwide.

About Mark Fortin

East Coast Sales Representative (NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, VT) - 860-639-6425 -

Mark Fortin is a lifelong racer/cruiser, and has been active in racing management. He is also president of the software development company Computer Management & Integrators, Inc.

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