American Regatta, LLC. presents Kattack Regatta Performance Application uses common hand held GPS units
 Mark Fortin, Kattack Northeast US Sales Representative.


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Welcome to Your Regatta Network

American Regatta, LLC. is your Regatta Network offering race listing and Kattack Race Publisher & Race Player software application to record your stats.


Kattack is like having a coach consistently working with you to improve your performance. This new product is a web-based software application that will collect position data from boats in a race. The race can be replayed (graphic animation) and performance data displayed (tables and charts) to indicate which elements of your race can be improved: starting, boat handling, and strategy. Our goal is to provide an affordable, effortless, entertaining, and effective product for anyone interested in enhancing their yacht race performance.


  • Personal Coach:
    Learn from your own computer coach by recording every move and comparing your performance against others boats.
  • Improved Finish Places:
    Determine which elements of your race can be enhanced: starting, tacking, jibing, mark rounding, boat speed, strategy.
  • Entertainment:
    Replay the race with other competitors present. You can boast about the good moves and laugh about the bad ones.


  • Graphical race replay
    • Select boats to replay
    • Leader board will update during the race
    • Zoom and Pan capabilities.
    • Zoom windows
    • Forward and rewind controls
  • Tabular performance data
    • Average boat speed
    • Actual distance Sailed
    • Distance lost from a tack
    • Mark rounding efficiency
    • Time lost at start  

How It Works

  • Low-cost handheld GPS unit is placed on each boat prior to the race.
  • The track positions are stored on the GPS as the boat races around the course.
  • After the race, the handheld GPS units are connected to a computer.
  • The position track data is uploaded to our web site.
  • The racer will be able to replay the race with a downloaded race player.

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